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English Edition - Australia: The New Frontier

English Edition - Australia: The New Frontier

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Australia is a fantastic kaleidoscope of light and color that blend together to create a singular patchwork of landscapes, people, images, and culture. Brimming with colorful photographs, this book takes readers on a splendid adventure through this remarkable country. Following a concise history tracing Australia's roots, it delves into the true spirit of the country: its magnificent and untamed natural environment. Australia is depicted in all its raw beauty: the boundless expanses of the Outback, the striking colors of its rock formations, and the sands of its immense desserts. The Great Barrier Reef, atolls, and islands surrounded by sapphire-colored ocean provide a glorious contrast to the stark inland landscapes, as do photographs of deep green forests and tropical vegetation. Tasmania, at the southernmost tip of Australia, is portrayed as an extraordinary microcosm of water, stone, and lush plant life. Readers are treated to exceptional photographs of the Aborigines, the island's native inhabitants, who still believe in magic, dreams, and legends. The book documents the arrival and impact of different ethnic groups who have immigrated to Australia over the years and who have established diverse lifestyles that range from the heroism of flying doctors to the beach culture of the surf crowd. A tour of Australia's fascinating cities—stunning Sydney, aristocratic Melbourne, cultured Adelaide, and youthful Brisbane, among others—demonstrates each city's distinct appeal and personality.


English: Australia: The New Frontier
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