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English Edition - My New York: Celebrities Talk About the City

English Edition - My New York: Celebrities Talk About the City

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Where is a story born? From a glance, a word, a voice, a fragment of a sequence of notes that form a melody, a moment, an indelible trace of memory like a snapshot, frozen for ever in time. New York is a city to read like a book, one containing millions of stories. It becomes known by looking through it, page by page, at each view of the streets, and by knowing how to listen to it. Because New York is not only the city of the thousand lights, but also of the thousand voices, with its infinite noises and sounds that provide its soundtrack like a boundless film. We want to gather together the voices that have given a soul to the city, shaping its history, contributing to the rebirth of a neighbourhood, as if spreading its image throughout the world in the fields of the arts, finance, economy, science, cinematography and music. From Robert De Niro to Woody Allen to Jay McInerney to Martin Scorsese and Daniel Libeskind, from Spike Lee to Candace Bushnell.


English: My New York: Celebrities Talk About the City
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