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English Edition - Street Art: Famous Artists Talk About Their Vision

English Edition - Street Art: Famous Artists Talk About Their Vision

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Meet 20 of the most creative, original street artists from around the world—including Banksy.

Art has moved from the museum into the streets, with visionary artists using their creativity to convert the spaces of everyday life and, often, to address social and political issues. Journalist Alessandra Mattanza interviews 20 of the most renowned figures in the street-art scene, from painters to sculptors to stencilists, who reveal their stories and their inspiration. The international roster includes: Aryz, from Barcelona, Spain, who creates elaborate murals on buildings and trucks; São Paulo graffiti artist Nunca (Francisco Rodrigues da Silva), who began painting at 12 years old; Shepard Fairey, renowned for his poster of President Obama; EVOL, from Berlin, who specializes in producing miniature buildings and installations; Fauxreel, whose photography-based work explores themes of homelessness; and Swoon, who combines art with social action through her nonprofit.

Chris Versteeg, an expert in graphic design, provides a detailed historical introduction to this popular, omnipresent form of contemporary art.


English: Street Art: Famous Artists Talk About Their Vision
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